Tronxy X5SA Review

Tronxy X5SA

EKoCycle Rating:-
  • Easy to use
  • Reduction of Noise
  • Colored Touch Screen
  • Levelled Sensor
  • Need patience for good results
  • A weak motherboard installed

You might have the assumption that 3D printers are expensive. However, you’re wrong! Tronxy has released a special budget friendly printer without compromising on quality.

There are several factors which make the Tronxy X5SA a great choice for 3D printing enthusiasts. With its ability to print finely and without errors, it suits the needs of everyone,  for beginners and experienced people alike.

The creator of the printer- Shenzhen Tronxy Technology Co., Ltd. has been a household name in the field of 3D printing since 2015. The company manufactures and researches on various topics revolving 3D printing.

How was This Review Made?

In order to provide you with the best reviews of 3D printers, we work extremely hard to ensure that you get the correct reviews from us. We go out of our way to interact with people who have been users of Tronxy X5SA. 

We also go through online comments and sites like Amazon which are trustworthy in nature to ensure that we will deliver the right news to you. Tronxy X5SA has been made on the basis of the synergy of all the above mentioned points.

Tronxy X5SA 3D Printer: An Overview

3D printing easier for enthusiasts

There have been several automatic enhancements in this printer which include a filament detector, levelling, and print to resume option. Such choices make the work of a 3D printer much easier and efficient.

Tronxy X5SA has state of the art technology installed, which helps it make economical, print better, and reduce errors during the process. It is a Do It Yourself Kit Printer, and has a touch screen view. It has made 3D printing easier for enthusiasts, especially for beginners and experienced personnel, who are willing to learn the process and who wish to get into 3D printing but are unsure of the process. The process will take some time getting used to so it can be used by experienced printers too.

Unlike normal 3D printers, Tronxy X5SA is very effective and noiseless. It is an easy to use printer that allows you to print your 3D designs seamlessly, without any problems. 

Some of its interesting features are easy touch screen, noise reduction ability, and self detection of filament running out. It is easily compatible with Operating Systems like Windows. 

Even if your electricity goes out to problems at your workplace, Tronxy X5SA has the ability to print even after that in between breaks. The body of the printer is made up of aluminium, and has an automatic leveling ability. 

Some of the technical specifications of the printer are mentioned ahead.

Technical Specifications

Material: Aluminium

Color: Black

Size: 330x330x400mm

Wattage: 360.00 watts

UPC: 699916291611

Compatible Material: Metal, Polylactic Acid, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, High Impact Polystyrene Sheet

Print speed: 20-100mm/s(advs 60mm/s)

Position accuracy: X/Y0.00625mm,Z0.00125mm

Connection: USB interface , TF card

Nozzle size: 0.4mm(default)

We will now mention some of the best features and benefits associated with the printer. 

Best Features and Benefits

Tronxy X5SA comes with a colored touch screen, through which you can enter commands to print your models and stuff. It uses a High Definition- HD display. Moreover, the overall usage is easy, making it convenient to give commands. 

Tronxy X5SA is one of the few printers that has the ability to print even after a lapse or break in between. If your electricity is down, or there’s some problem with the connectivity, it will simply resume printing, without wasting more time. 

The filament technology in Tronxy X5SA is made in such a manner that it can detect when the filament needs to be replaced. It will automatically stop and warn you of the problem in it.

One of the best features of Tronxy X5SA is the noiseless printing of it. It has a silent motherboard, which allows it to reduce the current wave, and give you less noise. 

A major problem with normal 3D printers is that the objects printed are usually not leveled. However, Tronxy X5SA has an automatic level sensor which ensures that the accuracy of printing is maintained. It has 16 points of collecting the data, and makes sure that the height is the same in all of them.

Tronxy X5SA gives you the ability to upgrade its bearing to the metal ones. Those give more consistency, are stronger in nature, and serve the printer for longer. 

Usually, the cable designs of 3D printers are difficult to look and work with. However, with Tronxy XS5A, you can simply use the 30 pin cables. These will replace those chaotic and hectic cables, giving your printer a more definitive and consistent look.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Easy to use
  • Reduction of Noise
  • Detection of filament running out
  • Colored Touch Screen
  • Upgrade to Metal Bearings
  • Levelled Sensor

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Need patience for good results
  • A weak motherboard installed

Support and Warranty of Tronxy X5SA

In case you have some problem or wish to connect with the Tronxy company, you can reach out to them on their website- This dedicated website has all the support you need, in English. 

The email id has also been given to contact the help team of the company. You can get a replacement too by visiting that website, in case something is wrong with your current Tronxy printer. However, it is worth mentioning that there is no free replacement service for the machines purchased by the third party

Tronxy XS5A comes with a 1 year warranty as well as a support of a lifetime of technicalities. You also get access to the 24 hour phone call service in case you have any problems in your 3D printer. 

The website page also covers the aspects that are covered and not covered in the Warranty of the printer. For instance, accidental human behaviour is not covered in the warranty.

Assembly of Tronxy X5SA

As the printer is a Do It Yourself one, most of the equipment will be handled by you. Some of the materials are pre-assembled like the hot end and the PSU. The whole process of assembling can take you a few hours to fix. 

Also, since this kit is a Do it Yourself one, it is possible that your kit may be missing some nuts and bolts, during the time of shipping.

Most of the instructions are not that clear and hence, you may have a bit of difficulty in setting it up together. It is even more unfortunate to note that the assembly instructions lack clarity, and you will have a difficult time interpreting the assembly procedure. 

As mentioned before, assembly instructions are provided but if you wish to gain better consultation, you could make use of YouTube or other video streaming apps teaching how to assemble the printer, as it can be a bit of work. 


The printing of the Tronxy X5SA can get a little hazy. You will have to be patient with it, since some of the reviews mentioned a bit of fuzzy printing. A few items that are already pre assembled like the hotend need careful help. 

For better printing, make sure that all the cogs and bolts are tightly screwed. Otherwise, the nozzle could ooze out, leaving a not so fine print model.

The printing may be troublesome if you are not well versed with 3D printing, in general. It can be a cumbersome process, therefore, make sure to screw the belts tightly.

Moreover, the tracing on the bed of the printer takes a long time to get hot, and hence, the stepper motors don’t work properly. This is one of the main reasons for the flaws in the printing process.

However, after some time, you will learn the settings for the printer, and get better prints from your model. 

We will now mention some of the pros and cons associated with the printer. 

Final Verdict

As a 3D printing enthusiast, you may have come across several printers. However, we suggest you buy one that gives you a great buck for your money.

This is where the Tronxy X5SA Printer comes into the picture. With its easy installation and usage for experienced and beginners alike, it is a great choice for everyone. It is a Do It Yourself printer with great features like auto detection of filament, quiet motherboard, and automatic sensing of levelling. 

We recommend this printer if you wish to learn and explore 3D printing in its best shape and form! 

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