FLSUN QQS 3D Printer Review

FLSUN QQS 3D Printer

EKoCycle Rating:-
  • High-Quality Metal Material 
  • Features a Touchscreen 
  • It is not too Noisy 
  • It has a High-Printing Speed
  • It is Tall and Large

3D printing has never been more in trend. Today, a variety of companies manufacture 3D printers at an affordable cost. One such company is FLSUN that manufactures 3D printers, FLSUN QQ-S, being one of the most popular among their range.

This printer is an upgraded version of the traditional QQ. It is popular for its build volume, Titan extruder, and an advanced 32-bit motherboard. Let’s find out its features, pros and cons in this FLSUN QQ-S review.

How was Our Review Made?

To provide our readers with the best option, we thoroughly studied the best features that are essential in a 3D printer. Afterwards, we reviewed more than 15 printers to select the one that may fit most users’ price range and comes with exciting features. 

After going through full-length reviews, spending several hours on the internet, and reading people’s feedback, we have finally curated this review that will acquaint you with the FLSUN 3D printer’s best features along with some alternatives. Without any further ado, let’s review the FLSUN QQ-S 3D printer.  

What are the Things to Consider Before Buying FLSUN 3D Printer?

Primarily, you should keep the printer’s size in check to make sure it fits your desktop table or workplace. There’s no point in buying a large 3D printer if you don’t actually need it. The larger the printer, the higher the cost!

Most importantly, you must take a look at the printing speed. But do not get misled by the statement ‘the faster, the better’ as high printing speed can lead to lower output quality too.

Additionally, you should know if you require an open or closed frame. An open frame provides more visibility to the user. It also allows quick and easy access to the printer bed and extruder. On the other hand, closed printers are safer.

This aspect is crucial if you have kids around. Closed frames also reduce odor caused by printing. It’s up to you what features you are looking for in a 3D printer. 

FLSUN QQS 3D Printer

ultrafast 3D printing speed

The FLSUN QQ-S is one of the recent 3D printers that entered the market. It is also one of the most reliable and affordable 3D printers available in this price segment. It offers a big printing size of 260 x 260 x 320 mm, which is ideal for most projects. 

The FLSUN 3D printer has many exciting features that allow it to print fast and even remotely using Wi-Fi. Moreover, the sturdy all-metal structure gives this printer a solid foundation essential for high-quality prints along with the detailing in physical dimensions. 

One of the best things about the FLSUN 3D printer is that it comes pre-assembled, requiring only 20 minutes to assemble it fully. 

In addition, the printer comes with a USB stick and a micro-SD card. The USB stick carries only assembling instructions and cannot be used to print with. You can only use the micro SD card.

Some other notable things about this printer are that it allows easy auto-leveling, has an ultrafast 3D printing speed, has a 32-bit controller that gives a smooth printing experience, and a nice responsive touchscreen.

It also has noise below 50 decibels, which makes quiet printing possible. To provide the customers with a trusted and genuine product, all printers get tested for printing 48 hours before they are packed.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: FLSUN 

Technology: FDM/FFF

Year: 2018 

Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, SD 

Display: Full color touch screen

Printable Materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, Wood, PVA, Flexible 

Printing Speed: 30-300 mm/s

Leveling Method: One-click auto leveling

Printing Size: 260x260x320 mm

Number of Extruders: Single

What are the Best Features of the FLSUN 3D Printer?

Evey 3D printer comes with some features that set it apart from the rest. The FLSUN QQ-S also has some exciting and out-of-the-box features, making it an ideal 3D printer in the price range. 

The QQS has improved features as compared to the traditional QQ. It has an improved lattice glass bed that makes prints easier to move, adhere to, and reduces warping in case of filaments like ABS. In addition, it provides excellent adhesion to the initial print, and easy removal of print after the printer has cooled down. 

Titan extruders are famous for their high-quality. The printer comes with a standard 0.4mm nozzle, but you can modify it based on the printing needs. 

The Titan extruder allows printing flexible filament along with a good grip on the filament to guide it through the printer. 

None of us are fans of an unlikely event of a power outage, but it is even worse while in the middle of a 15-minute long 3D print. All you need to counter this issue is the resume power feature, which the QQ-2 fortunately has! Unclear? 

Well, this simply means that when the power is accidentally cut off, the last printing position stays in the memory, and the printing resumes from the same position later. 

The motherboard is indeed one of the major components of any machinery and is responsible for its smooth functioning. 

When compared to the traditional QQ, the QQ-S has an advanced motherboard that improves stepper response and positioning accuracy. This is essential for the overall quality of prints. 

What’s better than being able to smartly control the 3D printer from your phone through the Wi-Fi feature. Fortunately, the FLSUN QQ-S allows you to do so!

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Crafted with high-quality metal material 
  • Features a touchscreen 
  • It is not too noisy 
  • It has a high-printing speed

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • It is tall and large 
  • It has an open-build chamber, which can be dangerous


No matter if you are a beginner or expert, the QQ-S has shown its ability professionally, although it has its share of cons. 

We believe that if you get this printer, you’ll be amazed by its rich features and performance. Obviously, no printer can tick all the boxes, but the QQ-S surely ticks most of them. 

We recommend this printer because it comes pre-assembled and requires only 20 minutes to assemble fully. It is also quiet and easy-to-operate. 

Although we had a look at certain alternatives, no other printer impressed us like the FLSUN, especially because of its price. We would recommend you going with this printer and enjoy noise-free and high-quality printing.