Flashforge Creator Pro Review

Flashforge Creator Pro

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  • Short learning curve
  • Great in the long run
  • Great quality prints
  • Machine is a bit noisy
  • Problem with nozzles

The innovation of 3d printers marked an important evolution in technology. It gave wings to the creativity of many people like you. After having an industrial beginning, it soon landed into people’s homes. Many new brands evolved. And made sure to keep on updating their product to meet the growing needs and standards in the market.

One such product is Flashforge Creator Pro. It stands amongst the top 10 3D printers in the world. Backed by industrial-grade design and durability, this product is for the long haul. It has an enclosed design for the optimum working of ABS and PLA filaments. Though it can use numerous other filaments too. It is stylish, user-friendly and mid-budget. 

But is it worth it? Should you replace your old printer with this one? Is it actually productive? Read on to find all the answers.

How was This List Made?

We know how important it is for you to find the perfect 3d printer. One that fits your needs and your budget. So we took it upon ourselves to help you judge Flashforge creator pro better. We scurried through many product reviews. Read, re-read and analyze what the real users were saying. We even went through the Amazon reviews and ratings. With a hawk-eye view, we managed to compare and contrast the pros and cons to deliver you a reliable review. 

So, cross your heart and read on. This article will help you decide whether FlashForge Creator Pro is the printer for you or not.

What are The Real Users Saying?

We know how much reviews are valuable for you. You won’t believe the product unless you heard from actual users. And you are right. This gives you a clear idea about its functioning. 

So, we have gathered certain Flashforge creator pro reviews to ferry you across. From Reddit to Amazon, we have covered everything. We even heard some experts talk about the products. Thus bringing you several pros and cons. To make you a better judge.

This product redefines quality. The previous products by Flashforge were made of the wood frames. While this one is a metal frame upgrade. It means you need not worry about its durability. It is more stable than before.

You might have come across many 3d printers in rectangular, open set up. Well, this one is different. It is enclosed. Thus, compact. Everything is inside. It not only means better optimization for you. But it is safer too. And works extremely well with ABS and PLA filaments.

The build platform is optimized to help you get stable prints. That too, in no time. With a built volume of 227x150x148, you have a lot of options to make. 

If you are worried about precision, pay attention to this one. The Flashforge creator pro has dual extruders. That means you can have your filaments from two different spaces. Thus, giving you more choices to be creative.

Have you experienced troubles because of the slow-cooling down of your model, to ensure better shape? If yes, then this one has a cooling fan for you. The turbofan lies at one corner of the printer. It is a boon for 3d printers. It helps your model get the perfect shape by cooling it down simultaneously.

Concerning the filament, ABS and PLA are commonly used. Though other filaments such as PLA color change, ABS pro, Pearl, PVA, PETG, HIPS, TPE, TPU can be used. Other categories include conductive filament,  metal-filled filament, flexible filament, pp and wood filament. However, the makers recommend using the main parts with ABS and for support structures, you can use other filaments. 

The enclosed shape of the printer is a boon for ABS and PLA. Do you know why?? Well, that is because for PLA ventilation it is very necessary. The fan inside the printer takes care of it. While for ABS, an enclosed structure works better. So now you know why our printer is tightly boxed. 

Since this one has dual extruder, it possesses a special quality. One that you will like. It can give you dual colors. So step up your creativity with this one. And mix your favorite colors to make beautiful prototypes.

The printer uses the much common, FFF technology. FFF stands for Fused Filament Fabrication. Also commonly known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). In this technology, the filament is heated and turned into the desired shape, with the help of extruders. Thereby, accumulating on the print tray. Usually, these printers have a dual-axis to facilitate the flow of filaments. The most common filaments used are ABS and PLA. 

This is one of the cheapest and yet popular technology.

In addition to that, the printer is based on open-source technology. Therefore, it has received various modifications. And also several flexible upgrades in the market.

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Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer

the top 3d printer with modern features

Established in 2011, in China, Flashforge has since been amongst the top 3d printer brands. It has grabbed 3rd position in 3d printers worldwide.

 Moreover, the company takes pride in owning several industrial product categories. 10 of them, to be more precise. Some of the major industries importing Flashforge products are- education, medical, advertising, jewelry, etc. 

Therefore, without a doubt, Flashforge has been a top seller on Amazon and Tmall. It has even received first place in user-evaluation.

Best Features and Benefits

A major feature to note here is the LCD screen. It is ergonomically designed. And can rotate up to 45 degrees. So, you can handle your prints more carefully. 

Apart from a sturdy metal frame, another component has been a major selling point for this machine. That is the heating bed. This one is made of aluminum and is over 6.5mm. But, not any aluminum. The one used here is the same as the one used in the aerospace industry. You can now imagine the kind of quality we are talking about here. 

The use of a high-quality aluminum has other benefits for you too. It is free of warp. You might have experienced heating plates being warped if they reach high temperatures. But not this one. It will always remain flat no matter what amount of heat is generated. Result? An error-free print. 

What if I tell you this printer has a patented nozzle design? Yes, that’s true. The design of the nozzle in this printer is unlike any other. It enables a smooth and steady flow of filament. 

Another great feature is the sleek handles on both sides of the printer. We know you like changing the place of your printer now and then. So you might be facing trouble picking it up. Especially when shifting a 21.5 kg device like this one. Fear no more because these handles can serve you well. You can shift your printer more easily and comfortably.

If you have been using 3D printers for long, you must have a favorite software to work with. And are wondering whether this one would be compatible with it. Right? To your delight, this printer gives you a lot of freedom in choosing software. So you can use Simplify 3D, Cura, Flashpoint, Slic3r, and many others. Though, according to certain Flashforge Creator Pro reviews, Simplify 3d works the best. But you still have the liberty to choose!

To connect to your printer, you have 2 options. You can either insert an SD card or plug in a USB cable.

While most of it is pre-assembled, the printer still needs some effort. You need to assemble other parts. That might not come as easy to you. But you can always use youtube videos to gather information about it. Once that is done, you will gradually learn to use the printer too. So whether you are a print enthusiast or printing just for a hobby, you will have a good time with this one.

Coming to the most important part. What if your printer is broken? Or you suffered certain problems with printing? You will have to contact the people at Flashforge right? And you can do so without facing any trouble.

Flashforge is always available for you. Especially through email support. So drop in an email and they will revert to you with solutions.

But sometimes, your problems are much bigger. And you need some replacement in your machine. Flashforge is happy to provide you with a 12-month warranty on Creator pro. Within this tenure, it is happy to offer you any replacement needed. 

In addition to this, you can also extend your warranty. The ProCare Extended warranty program will help you here.  So you need not worry while using this printer liberally.

Pros: Things We Love!​

  • Short learning curve

3D printers are supposed to make life easy. And I am sure you wouldn’t want to disagree with me. Who needs a complicated machine that needs a lot of head over heels to understand? So for those who agree with me, the Creator Pro is easy going. Once you assemble the product, it takes no time to learn. 

Though, the issue of filament compatibility was a problem for some users. But time teaches it all. You gradually become a pro in that area too. 

The LCD panel is a great feature of the printer. This has helped to make printing easy. The users are high in praise about it. 

  • Great in the long run

When you buy a printer with some amazing features, you want it to last long, right? This one will surely do. You can use it as liberally as you want and not worry about breakage. Except for certain small flaws, this one will last long. At least the users have vouched for it.

  • Great quality prints

This one was expected. With such amazing features, getting a good print quality was a must. This printer does give you that. Whether you want larger prototypes or small intricate prints, you can expect great print quality with this one. 

  • Good customer service

Good customer service is a mark of a good brand. If a company forgets about its users once they become consumers, it is likely to get doomed. Flashforge is aware of this fact. That is why it delivers prompt customer service. You can email them whatever problem you are facing. And can expect a good and prompt reply.

Cons: Points of Improvement

  • Noisy

This one has troubled many users. The working of the machine is a bit noisy. So, if this can be a concern for you, think again before buying it. For some users, this one was a major nuisance. 

  •  Problem with nozzles

The printer comes with double extruders. Though it is beneficial, it can cause serious troubles too. Users complain about filaments getting stuck in the 2nd extruder nozzle. So much so that they had to replace it within a very short time. 

This is one of the most vulnerable parts of the device. So make sure you handle this one carefully if you plan to buy it.

  • Bed surface not good

The makers claim that the bed is made up of high-quality aluminum. But still, the users are facing troubles with it. Often the print gets stuck on the print tray. Many of them are using glue and other materials for the safe removal of their prints. 

Not only that, leveling the bed is another problem. There is some discrepancy in the machinery. And the users are facing some trouble because of it.

Final verdict

We hope you must have gone through the article carefully. That is because this 3D printer is a tricky one. It has mixed reviews. Therefore it has many upsides and downsides to it. The Flashforge creator pro is easy to use, handle and can last long. But, if you look at some vulnerable areas, these are there too. 

You might suffer from leveling issues, noise issues and the problem with the second extruder. It is your call. If you want to buy this printer make sure you have noted down all the information we gave you above. 

We hope it will help you make the right decision.