Best 3D Printer for Jewelry Casting

3d printers Do you have a passion for casting jewelry? Or does your profession require that? Are you not that good at drawing? Well, the advent of science has created wonders for you in the form of  3D printers for casting jewelry. It helps you prepare a mold for the model of jewelry. The mold makes the casting of jewelry easy and consumes less energy as compared to the traditional method.

The 3D printers can also be used for casting wax models. And it is more efficient than the ancient hand carving method. In the course of functioning of the 3D printers, wax-like resins are used as a printing material. Layer upon layer of wax is printed to urge the perfect model of an object or jewelry. These models are preferred by jewelry makers and manufacturers. 3D printers have proved helpful in mass production. The increase in efficiency has resulted in a rise in output.

Our Pick

Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

Best Overall

This printer is loaded with features. You can print your cosplay armors and props easily without any hassle.

It’s time to replace the hand-drawn sketches and carved wax models with the affordable 3d printers for jewelry making. Just in case you fail to draw an ideal image of the jewelry design and are not able to prepare the realistic look of the model, you need not worry. The 3D printers are designed for people such as you. All you need to do is, purchase a 3D printer and do the settings as per your jewelry specifications to be carved. After a couple of hours, you get an ideal mold. Pouring molten metal into the mold and cooling it gets you the jewelry.

So here we’ve got for you a couple of 3D printers for jewelry casting available in the market. These 3D printers suit both your budget and requirements.



Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer​

  • Easy to set up
  • Removable print bed
  • HEPA filter



Anycubic Photon S 3D Printer

  • Quality printing.
  • Good tech support.
  • Value for money.



LONGER Orange 10 3D Printer

  • Strong structure 
  •  Quick proprietary slicer
  • Includes resin

The Methodology We Followed to Extract the List?

Hours of research and thorough study of digital marketing of 3D printers by different vendors have delivered to you this list. The authentication of the products is often validated by the reviews and ratings of the purchasers. The resolution of 3D printers and the quality of print decides the efficiency of a 3D Printer for casting jewelry. All 3D printers may appear similar to you and you’ll get confused when you are out to purchase one. So, we are here to assist you with all the specified data.

The list mentioned below highlights a couple of the simplest 3D printers followed by detailed features of an equivalent. 

Best Jewelry Casting 3D Printers in 2020

Jewelry has been adding to our beauty for ages. The existence of jewelry and its casting came with the arrival of civilizations. With time, technology has become the driving force behind the metamorphosis in several industries. Presently, there are several methods of casting jewelry with the utilization of various sorts of molds, for instance, silicone molds.

The year 2020 has got for you advanced 3D printers which will be useful in jewelry making.

Best 3D Printer for Jewelry Casting

1. Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

High on the budget but perfect

  • Easy to set up
  • Removable print bed
  • HEPA filter
  • The position of the camera is fixed
  • Need to handle with care

Paying for a top-quality product never lets you regret it. Although this printer costs you a couple of extra dollars, the finishing and resolution of the 3D printer are incomparable. The printer has several salient features we are going to mention. It has been the Red Dot Design Award winner.

As a feature, the printer comes with automatic loading and unloading facility of filament. All that is required to be done is, insert a cartridge and the Sindoh 3DWOX does the remaining work on its own. The automatic functioning of the machine does not bother you much. In the meantime, you can focus on other tasks.

As a user, you are provided with an Assisted leveling system and Sindoh 3DWOX calculates and assists under in bed leveling. It has a 5 inches LCD screen with a full-color touch screen menu and user-friendly instructions. you’ll do remote viewing on PC, laptop, and smartphones with the help of internal monitoring camera.

The 3D printer comes with a wider range of connectivity options. So, you always have a second option when it comes to connectivity issues. The connectivity options are flash drive, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB cable.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Removable print bed.
  • HEPA filter.
  • Internal monitoring camera.
  • Remote print monitoring


  • The position of the camera is fixed.
  • Need to handle with care.


Sindoh launched two best plugs and plays 3D printers in the competitive market. This latest model consists of all those stuff which will make 3D printers perform excellently.  It has add-on features like the open filament capability, an upgraded print bed, and HEPA filtration.

If you are in search of a completely hassle-free and reliable 3D printer, you can buy this 3D printer with full faith.

2. Anycubic Photon S 3D Printer

Out of box performer

  • Quality printing.
  • Good tech support.
  • Value for money.
  • Plastic case.
  • The touchscreen facility is required to be handled carefully.

Anycubic Photon S 3D printer is a great introduction to a 3D printer. The printer is termed to be best for a beginner. It comes with semi-assembled parts so, you hardly need to put effort into fixing things up. You’ll hardly find a printer that is super easy to fix like this one.

It has a stable bed due to the dual z-axis rail. This helps the movement of the plate. The dual rail also makes it sure that the plate does not get dispositioned in the middle of the printing.

The UV upgraded LED array is additionally available within the printer setup. This assures you of the print resolution and its accuracy. The resolution is far better as compared to other printers in its class. Even minute curves of a model are printed with quality clarity.

Extra features like touchscreen, aluminum platform, double air filtration system and CE certified power supply is also available.


  • Quality printing.
  • Good tech support.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to tackle.
  • Touchscreen facility.


  • Plastic case.
  • The touchscreen facility is required to be handled carefully.


The is a UV LCD resin printer with high precision and resolution quality. It can be very helpful in catching minute designs made on a jewelry model. The dual z-axis linear rail does not let the plate get mispositioned and you get the right casting of a wax mold for a piece of jewelry. You should surely opt for this 3D printer.

3. LONGER Orange 10 3D Printer

Cheap and affordable

  • Strong structure with improved accuracy
  •  Quick proprietary slicer
  • Includes resin
  • Manual leveling needs to be done
  • Needs maintenance after use

SLA resin 3D printers are the simplest 3D printers for casting jewelry and Longer Orange 10 3D printer is one among those. Moreover, it’s cheap, so, it can easily fall under your pocket. Never doubt the printing quality based on the price of the printer. Many things in the market are available which are cheap yet are of excellent quality. Just in case you’re a beginner, and you’re frightened of investing a substantial amount in buying a 3D printer, this is the best option for you.

Coming on to the features of the printer, it’s a UV light curing LCD 3D printer. The machine is pre-assembled so it can be fixed quickly. It comes with rapid prototyping and high precision details. It’s well known that LCD printers have a higher precision quality than FDM printers, so it’s utilized in casting jewelry.

The printing quality is improved by the parallel LED lighting. The light intensity is managed throughout the printing with the help of uniform lighting distribution.

The full touchscreen screen makes it easy to use. The printer’s structure is of a full metal body with robust adhesion. There’s also a safety temperature warning system to keep you safe and alert. The printer comes with a warranty period of 1 year.


  • Strong structure with improved accuracy.
  • Consists of a quick proprietary slicer.
  • Includes resin.
  • Uniform light distribution enhances the standard of the print.


  • Manual leveling needs to be done.
  • Needs maintenance after use.


The market is filled with good quality resin printers. But Longer Orange 10 comes with good quality at a reasonable price. You get value for the money you pay. A 3D printer with a sturdy metal design, high-temperature warning system, and a quick proprietary slicing system has nothing less to be selected. It is perfect for creating detailed prints like that of a miniature and jewelry.

4.Elegoo Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer

A high-resolution printer

  • It has a bigger build size
  • Things are easy to clean 
  • HD screen provides excellent print
  • It smells a little.
  • It needs to be cleaned after use

Elegoo Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer is a full metal body 3D printer made of aluminum.  It is an upgraded LCD 3D printer with 2K high-resolution. This 3D printer isn’t much expensive and can be bought by anyone looking for good features and high-quality print.

The 40W UV LED lighting add-ons to the features of the 3D printer. It gets you high precision along with a printing size of 4.32 x 2.56x 5.9  inches. The LCD screen has a 2560×1440 resolution.

The printer comes with color touch screen sized 3.5” inches and the latest ELEGOO CHITUBOX 5.0 system. This makes off-line printing easy. The printer features a full metal body with strong adhesion. The CHITUBOX facility is additionally available in the printer, so, it’s also self-developed slicing software.

The printer is resin saving and gives better printing. The customers get a warranty period of 1 year for the printer. Moreover, any query related to the printer is assisted excellently by the customer service representatives.


  • Lifetime technical support from the company’s side.
  • It has a bigger build size.
  • Things are easy to clean and fix back.
  • HD screen provides excellent print.


  • It smells a little.
  • It needs to be cleaned after use.


This is a printer available with all the features at an inexpensive price. It’s perfect for jewelry casting. The larger build size permits you to make a model or jewelry mold of your requirement. Searching for a suitable 3D printer to build a suitable 3D jewelry mold will be a foolish act when you have such an awesome printer with all the required features available at a bearable price. So, you should purchase one instead of pondering.

5. Creality CR-10S 3D Printer

best 3D printer for precision manufacturing

  • Excellent quality print precision
  • Easy to use even for a beginner
  • High customer service 
  • Only one connectivity option available, through USB
  • Needs to be handled with patience and care

QIDI Tech is an LCD resin 3D printer and it’s comprehensively leading the industrial design due to its precision manufacturing. It comes with a double z-axis linear guide and 4 optical axis structure. This makes the 3D printer more stable during the printing process.

The printer is convenient to use as it is equipped with special high-strength tempered glass, integrated into the 2k LCD screen. You get smoother and more durable print and the printing area is 115*65*150. The release film makes it easier for the model to leave the film without getting damaged.

It is a new model with an upgraded air filtration system. It’s user-friendly and even a beginner can handle the printer.

Not only this, but you also have the assistance of a professional after-service team. The team is out there to answer your problems. You can freely approach the team in case of any sort of query. The printer is a complete package in itself.


  • Excellent quality print precision.
  • Easy to use even for a beginner.
  • High customer service reputation for problem resolution.
  • Minimal setting required and efficient working.


  • Only one connectivity option available, through USB.
  • Needs to be handled with patience and care.


Shadow 5.5 S has all the qualities like high-end 3D printing specs and sleek modern design. The background noise level of the QIDI 3D printer is comparatively low compared to other 3D resin printers. It’s also improved on the odor part which persists in other printers. This 3D printer is capable of contributing to the framing of gaming miniatures, architectural models, and jewelry casting.

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Best 3D Printer for Jewelry Making

These are a must look factors before buying a 3D printer for jewelry casting:

1.Finishing of the Surface:

Buying a 3D printer that provides you finished surface cuts your cost of post-processing steps. It’s not acceptable that you simply pay higher for a 3D printer then you continue investing in post-processing steps to urge jewelry with a finished surface.

2.Availability of Color Print Feature:

Colorful jewelry always catches the eyes of the purchasers. Owning a 3D printer that provides your colored print is usually a benefit within the jewelry market. Since jewelry of various colors is preferred for the dress of various colors, this may always bring profit to you. Colors make ornaments look more beautiful and attractive.


If you’re in search of a 3D printer for jewelry making,  you must be aware of the criticality of accuracy. Ornaments designed to enhance the looks. Customers are very particular when it involves the accuracy of the jewelry. A minor defect can get your jewelry design rejected from the customer’s side. This can affect your market goodwill.

So, if you desire your goodwill to be maintained in the market and your business to progress, you need to take care of the accuracy of the machine at the time buying the 3D printer.

4.Efficiency or Speed:

Speed is an essential factor we talk about printing in bulk. 3D printers utilized in jewelry casting should be efficient enough to offer more output in less time. Albeit you are into a small scale production, there’ll come a time when the market demands will increase and for the same, you should prefer a 3D printer with higher efficiency. Always remember that efficiency also includes the good quality of the jewelry.

5.LCD, Resin or FDM:

Resin and LCD 3D printers are the foremost suitable 3D printers for jewelry making. Always search for this feature at the time of shopping for a printer.

6.Temperature Control System:

Nowadays most 3D printers accompany the temperature control system and most of them are automatic. This is often very helpful because it takes a couple of hours to cast a mold for jewelry and within the process, the printer gets heated. The temperature system reminds you of the overheating of the printer.

7.Cooling Function:

The cooling function manages the 3D printer just in case of overheating. This doesn’t have any adverse effects on the printing part. It prevents interruption in the printing. The printing takes place smoothly and also keeps both you and your 3D printer safe.


Purchase a 3D printer that’s cost-effective to you, fits into your budget and yields expected output. For this, you ought to remember all of your business requirements. Clarify the sort of fabric you would like to print and what’s your market demand. This may assist you to use the 3D printer in the best way.

9.Unassembled or Semi-Assembled:

Today, 3D printer companies are offering semi-assembled printers. No doubt these printers are easy to line up, so, search for such add-on features within the printers. But, always remember the quality of the print shouldn’t be compensated over this.

Never fall into any fraud deals mentioning such benefits. Check and verify all the technical features along with the functioning of the printer. As the setup is done for a single day but printing is performed every day as its part of your business/hobby.

10.Touch Screen Quality:

Look for high-quality touchscreen in the 3D printer for jewelry making. This helps in the smooth handling of the printer. A low-quality touchscreen may annoy you in the middle of your task.

Build the size of the machine and your requirement:

Are you limited to the making of small-sized ornaments permanently? Probably not, so, look for a bigger build size 3D printer that can never restrict your work and you can frame molds and models of your customer’s choice.

11.Your Budget 3D Printer:

A printer that suits your pocket will be perfect for you. But do check if it holds all the features required for casting jewelry. If a few extra dollars bring you a better quality printer then there is no harm in investing. You will be paid back in the form of happy customers.

Customer ratings and review on digital marketing sites:

Before buying any of the 3D printers do check the product ratings and customer review. This is the authentic source of knowledge of the product. The reviews of the customers give you an idea to what extent the features mentioned in the product description is useful in real.


Sindoh 3DWOX 3D printer comes with all appreciable features. It is easy to set up and comes with a removable print bed. The HEPA filter and internal monitoring camera always promote the quality of the print. In addition to this, the printer has automatic loading and unloading facilities of the filament. Once the cartridge is installed rest of the function is followed automatically giving you the best quality print. The full LCD touchscreen makes the handling of the printer swift. This 3D printer cannot be denied from any angle. It the best among all to purchase when we talk of quality print.