Best 3D Printer for Cosplay [2021]

In the past few years, the charm of 3D printing has swayed everyone. From medicine to entertainment, no area is untouched by the magic of 3D printer.

Cosplay or costume play one such field that now involves 3D printing. It’s a type of performance art where people dress up as their favorite characters. These costumes are inspired by tv, comic books, anime, movie characters. These costumes have to be precise and days of practice gets you in the character.

Our Pick

Qidi Tech X-Max

Best Overall

This printer is loaded with features. You can print your cosplay armors and props easily without any hassle.

Cosplay artists have moved beyond homemade outfits and costume shops. One can print out these costumes using a 3D printer. Not the costumes exactly, but the armors and props can be printed out.

For your cosplay costume to be exact, there are certain props you have to carry that aren’t easy to procure. The absence of a single small prop can lead to the whole costume falling apart. That’s where 3D printers come to your rescue. You can print all the things you need and step up your cosplay game.

We have curated a list of the 5 best 3D printers that print the cosplay costumes. You no longer have to go to those stores uptown as you can print the costumes at home. The list is prepared, keeping in mind all the cosplay necessities. To bring you the best 3D printer for Cosplay.

Most Features



  • Large build volume
  • Smooth prints
  • Good customer support

Best in Resin


Dremel Digilab 3D20

  • Good customer support
  • High-quality prints
  • Easy to use and maintain

Best in Budget


BIBO 2 Touch Laser

  • Good quality prints
  • laser engraver
  • good customer support

How was this list prepared?

We didn’t want you to go through the pain of wasting several hours on the internet looking through various blogs. We did the work for you by curating this list of five.

After interviewing several cosplay artists, YouTubers and tech bloggers, we were able to prepare this list for you. The customer reviews on Amazon, Subreddit helps us a lot in understanding the pros and cons of these printers as listed below. It’s easier to decide when you have all the information at hand.

What to look for?

Before buying a printer, you should identify how frequently you are going to use it. If you are going to use it once a year or so, visiting a costume shop will be a better option. If not so, then you should look for something easy to use and install. The build volume of the printer should be large as the armors are to be worn by you. Next, the printer should have a good print speed in case you need something fast. Resume print option is another feature to look for.

Other than these, you should decide your budget and then choose the right printer for yourself. Below is a comparison table with some quick info about the products which are explained later in the article.

Best 3D printers for Cosplay: Making the list ​

1. QIDI TECH X Max 3D Printer

High-end product best for large format

  • Large build volume
  • Smooth prints
  • Good customer support
  • Large build volume
  • Smooth prints
  • Good customer support

First up on our list is Qidi tech X max that can help you print your desired Cosplay costumes. It has a 5 inches touch screen interface which is easy to operate. It has a removable plate that can be used repeatedly. You can take out the plate along with the printed model and then remove it safely.

It supports all the filament types from PLA to Nylon and Carbon. The print surface is huge so you can print larger objects. The printer is fully enclosed to maintain the temperature inside. But, you cannot watch the print happening. So, if there are any errors, you will have to wait until the model is complete.

It has WiFi connectivity using which you can print right through your phone or PC. The heated build platform is around 8mm thick. It is made with a strong aluminum alloy.

Other than this, it has a four-side cooling system that cools off the model for removal from the build plate. Qidi tech X max will give you the best 3D printed cosplay armors and props. All the costumes printed through X max are of high quality and durable. The customer service for the product is admirable. They will reply to you within 24 hours.


Though this printer is on the expensive side, its features make every penny count. You can print your cosplay armors and props easily without any hassle. Qidi tech is known for its great customer service in case of any issues.

2. Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

Easy to use and safe for kids

  • Good customer support
  • High-quality prints
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Loud
  • Relatively smaller build plate

Dremel is the right choice for all those hobbyists who are a beginner at 3D printing. Cosplay surely is addictive and you should start with something easy to operate where you can learn how everything works. All your armors and props can be easily printed with this 3D printer.

Dremel 3D20 is one such printer that is easy to use. It gives out high-quality prints. You can start using it as soon as it comes to your doorstep. It comes with Dremel’s slicing software which works fine. It is one of the best 3d printers for cosplay props.

This printer is fully enclosed and is safe as it doesn’t have a heated bed. The full-color LCD screen makes the printing process even easier with a single touch. The build plate is a bit small but good for beginners.

Dremel uses a non-toxic PLA filament that is safe to be used by children. So, you can allow your siblings to print their favorite cosplay costumes as well. It also helps in producing stable and high-quality prints. In case of any grievances, Dremel’s customer service helps you out.


It’s a 3D printer that can be used by both beginners and pros. Printing cosplay costumes is no big deal when you have Dremel 3D20 by your side. It’s a real plug and play-machine that requires less maintenance. It’s fairly loud so you will have to take care of that.

3. Anycubic Full Metal i3 Mega 3D Printer

Great features in such a pocket-friendly price

  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Good quality prints
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good customer support
  • The print bed is a little difficult to level.
  • Few quality issues.

This is one of the most affordable 3D printers that can help you step up your cosplay game. The features of this printer are perfect to build you any kind of cosplay armor and props. It’s easy to use and as compared to the high prices of the other printers for cosplay, this will make your jaw drop. 

It is the best printer to invest in if you are only getting started at printing 3D cosplay props. You won’t find a better printer with great features at such a low price. 

This printer has a 3.5-inch screen which is very responsive. You can print out anything and everything with a single touch. You don’t need to spend hours assembling the product. Just cut open the box and start using it.
From beginners to pros, this printer can be used easily by everyone. It is easy to clean and operate. It even has the resume printing feature in case the power goes off while printing. It allows you to start the print from where you left off. The large build volume of this printer, you can print larger objects as well. 

The lifetime technical support by Anycubic is a great plus point. They also replace faulty parts if any, 3 months from the date of purchase.


A great choice for all cosplay enthusiasts. It gives out good quality prints with clean details. It’s a budget-friendly printer and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

4. BIBO 2 Touch Laser 3D Printer

A laser-engraving 3d printer

  • Good quality prints
  • laser engraver
  • good customer support
  • No print visibility

Next on our list is the Bibo 2 Touch Laser printer that is known for printing cosplay armors and props. The customer reviews are great for this printer everywhere. 

It has a sturdy metal exterior and a full-color touch screen. This printer is quite user-friendly. 

The best feature of this printer is its laser engraving module. This module allows you to engrave on wood, plastic, leather or cut paper or cardboard. With this, you can customize the cosplay models as much as you like. 

The copy printing feature allows you to print two copies of the same object at the same time. You can print two armors at the one time. This will give you a lot of time to think about your next cosplay creation. 

Then, there is a 2 color print feature wherein you can print 2 color objects in one go without needing a filament change. 

The WiFi connectivity makes the printing process a cakewalk. It enables you to print the costumes through your smartphones and tablets. The resume printing function is a plus point in case of a power cut. The 3D printed cosplay props through this printer will make you the talk of the town. Bibo customer support is very responsive to all your issues.


This printer is worth all your money due to its exceptional features. It will save you a lot of time and energy as it prints two copies of a model simultaneously. The laser engraver, 2 color print features are amazing and make it a hit amongst the customers.

5. Creality CR-10S 3D Printer

Maximum variety of filaments can be used

  • Large build surface
  • Low noise
  • Removable glass print bed
  • Some performance issues
  • The print bed takes time to heat up

Last but not least is the Creality CR- 10s printer. It will take around 10 minutes to assemble and get ready to print. It looks a bit complex but is quite easy to operate. It has the resume printing function to start the print from where you left off. It is decently priced and has great features. 

A customer on sub reddit called his experience with this printer excellent. He used this printer for around 200+ hours and it produced a smooth and good quality print every time. 

The build surface is huge so you can even print large objects. It has a filament detector that gives a prompt whenever the printer starts running out of filament. It supports ten different kinds of printing materials. It works with all the filaments like PLA, ABS, Wood Carbon fiber, etc. You can remove the glass bed and safely take the prints out. 

It doesn’t make a lot of noise like other printers and is easy to use. While all the printers for cosplay are on the expensive side, this one is quite decently priced. The prints are of high quality and precise with fine details.


Keeping a few issues aside, this printer is a suitable pick for cosplay enthusiasts. You can print larger objects at once rather than printing smaller parts and then gluing them together. It does all the work in silence and provides the best results.

Buying Guide for 3d Printers for Cosplay

After going through all the above reviews, one tends to get confused. As a solution, you can go through this buying guide we have put together for you. You must have understood how simply scrolling through a few articles on google can help you make the right choice. To sum it up, no matter what printer you buy, take care of these features to understand it is well suited for you. 

1. Build Volume

As cosplay costumes are to be worn by you, you need to buy a printer that has a large build volume. Large enough, to produce a costume of your size. Even the props and armors are large. So buy something keeping that in mind. With a larger build volume, you can print our large parts and then stick them together easily. Smaller parts are hard to glue together. 

2. Price

Price is the first thing that comes into our minds while investing in a product. First of all, understand if you really need the printer or you can just go to the costume shop and get done with it. Is it just a one day hobby or something more than that? 

Once you have established your needs, you can decide on the price. If you are a beginner, invest in a cheaper one to get to know how everything works and then move ahead.

3. Materials used

Along with PLA and ABS filament, Cosplay costumes are made with wood, leather, wood and other materials as well. You need to purchase a printer that is compatible with the material you will be using.

4. Easy Usage

As a beginner or even as a pro, you want to invest in a hassle-free printer. Something you can easily get the hang of. Nobody wants to spend hours understanding the hows and ifs. Try to buy a printer that can be easily assembled and can be used by everyone. A printer where you can easily control the temperature, print speed and easily print out the desired model.

5. Quality

Here you need to take care of both print quality and the printer’s quality. The printer should have a good warranty and helpful customer support. High print quality with smooth and clean details is imperative in a cosplay costume. The print speed should be fast. 

6. Slicing software

A slicing software tells the printer exactly how you want the model to be. You want it to be solid or hollow and with how many layers. Most printers come with slicing software others support free cloud-based slicing. Other useful software is Cura, Slic3r, and Repetier. 

7. Safety

You need to make safety your priority while buying a printer. Go for the printers that are enclosed, they protect you from the heat. These printers have a cooling system to cool off the model inside before removal. Be extra cautious around the others.


In our opinion, the Bibo 2 touch laser 3D printer is a great choice overall. The great features of this 3D printer made it a winner for us. The laser engraver, copy printing, etc are the real game-changers in the cosplay field. You get the perfect cosplay costumes using this machine. 

Trust us, we went through hundreds of reviews on Amazon and other websites and there were barely any bad reviews for the product. 4 stars were the minimum rating for it everywhere. You won’t be disappointed. you can check Info about 3d printers here.

The second one we liked was Dremel Digilab 3D20. Dremel has been in the cosplay costume making business for years now. It is a beginner-friendly printer that produces smooth and high-quality prints. We hope we helped you in making the right and informed choice.

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